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Opportunities for Adoration at Our Parishes

We offer 12 Hours of Adoration after our Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning Masses each week. Adoration will begin immediately following Mass and continue until 9PM. You can sign up at: or call the parish office.


Times will be 9AM-9PM:

Tuesdays - St Lawrence

Wednesdays - St Teresa

Thursdays - St Mary

Third Fridays - St. Mary 9AM-9PM

With this blessing comes responsibility - we will need at least 2 committed weekly adorers each hour, for each location.  We will also continue the 12 Hours of Adoration and Confession the third Friday of each month at St. Mary’s.  This means in a typical month, we will have 156 hours of adoration offered at our home parishes of St. Lawrence, St. Teresa, and St. Mary’s.

Middle School Eucharistic Adoration & Social at St. Teresa Wednesday Nights in June & July at St. Teresa - 7-9PM
All middle school youth entering grades 6 – 7 – 8 grades next year are invited to join us for an hour of adoration, followed by a social hour with indoor or outdoor games at the PCC afterwards. Parents please drop off your child @ 7pm at church and pick up @ 9pm at the PCC (located at the end of Gavin Lane at rear of campus).
St. Teresa Adoration at the 4 O’Clock Hour ~ Moms, Children & Families Welcome

The 4-5 pm hour of adoration each Wednesday may look a little different from what some may be used to. A mother of four has committed to pray with our Lord for that hour each week and she will be bringing her children along – after all, Jesus says “let the children come to me”! Moms and dads desire adoration too, but often don’t feel like they can go because they might disturb other people. This 4 o’clock hour will allow for this to happen as we welcome moms, dads, our youngest adorers, and anyone who wants to be a part of this beautiful intergenerational witness of faith! Additional Adorers are Welcome Each Hour from 9am - 8pm at St. Teresa on Wednesdays. No sign up is necessary - the church is open and Jesus is waiting for you to simply come! But, if you would like to commit to an hour each week, please call the parish office 812-537-3992 or email

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